The publications listed below were created by our members to share our expertise and provide guidance to our visitors. These articles are available free of charge to read or print.

ACAP members opposing statement of the pending Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill

Article by Alliance of Claim Assistant Professionals

ACAP members provide insight in to the pending bill for amending the ACA (Obamacare). The new proposal to alter several provisions of the ACA is alarming to us as we support clients facing serious health issues. The Graham-Cassidy bill continues down the road of bringing stress and financial uncertainly to patients with individual and small groups policies. It removes and alter protection for people with pre-existing conditions and seriously threaten care for nursing home residents.
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Top Ten Tips - Managing Medical Claims

Article by ACAP Members

ACAP Members provide guidance on how to minimize the financial impact of medical care prior to receiving it.
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The Life of a Medical Claim

Article by Patrick Shea

Patrick provides a road map for the medical claims process; from the visit to the doctor through the final payment by the insurance company. He shares his expertise about the many pitfalls you might encounter along the way.
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Resources for Cancer Patients

Article by Denise Sikora

Denise shares her experience working with people whose lives have been touched by cancer. She has compiled a list of resources that can provide assistance with the cost of care and other financial issues.
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Navigating Medicare for working seniors over age 65

Article by Mary Kesel

Mary shares her knowledge navigating the ever so complicated Medicare rules. She also shares contact telephone numbers and website links to additional resources.
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